Hello and thank you for visiting our website – a tool for us to go beyond our church walls and introduce people to Jesus. Take a look at the many opportunities each of us have to grow as disciples together and consider getting involved in a ministry.
     Please come join us this Sunday. We worship at 8:30 am and 11:00 am, with Sunday School for all ages at 9:45 am. We would love to see you and share in your journey. God Bless you!
Opportunities to Serve
Bulletin Boards
    Dress and supply information to Bulletin Boards as needed.
Cancer-Care Team
    Provide support to patient, family and/or care giver throughout illness.
Card Ministry
    Send cards to people in the hospital, shut-ins, nursing homes, and those who have been absent from worship.
Church Fellowship Event Leader
    Plan dinners, picnics, parties, etc
Food Committee
    Prepare food for families and persons in crisis.
Funeral Meal Team
    Prepares food for families after funerals.
Health and Wellness 

     This ministry involves professional leaders in the occupational field of Nursing, Social Work, Dietetics, etc., to offer numerous health services to those attending our church services on a particular day – we offer Blood Pressure Screenings on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.                                                                                                                              If you are interested in offering your services in this ministry, or would like  more information, please contact Judy Hill at 304-757-6343. Learn more about Health and Wellness Ministry.

Historian                                                                                                                                                 Keep records and pictures of church functions.

Making Bows
    Make Bows for special events, services, etc. – as needed.
Open Gym Coordinator
    Schedule teams to facilitate Open Gym.
Open Gym Team
    Leading the groups in prayer and oversee the event.
     A  time to get together with church family over conversation and Pot-Luck meals.  One Sunday a month at 5:00 pm in church gymnasium – October thru March (Exceptions for Holidays – be sure to check the Calendar). Check with the Church Office for more information.
Prayer Chain
    A group is called for prayer in times of crisis or immediate need.
Prayer Pillows
    Provide support in creating/sewing pillow cases for the sick and hurting, etc..
Prayer Shawls
    Provide support in creating shawls for the sick and hurting., etc. Some sewing may be necessary.
    Sewing for special events, service, etc. – as needed.
Tables of Eight
    Eight people get together for dinner, lots of fun and enjoyment. This provides an opportunity to meet seven other people from the church to enrich existing friendships and create new ones. It’s all a part of growing as disciples together.

    For additional information, please contact Kirk Boyce 304-757-6343.

Table Set-Up

    Set up tables for Bereavement Dinners or Special events .
Visitation Team
    Assists the Pastor by visiting persons who are hospitalized, new to the church, going through crisis, or home-bound. Individuals will be trained by the Visitation Team Leader.
Visitation Team Leader
    Leader will train the team on the policies and procedures regarding visiting people who are hospitalized or home-bound, or going through a crisis, as well as those who are new to the church. The Leader will also coordinate these visits and help determine which team member will make certain visits.